About Us

Gender Spectacular Caregiver Support Group

3rd Monday of the month 7:00pm – 9:00pm 

What to expect: **CURRENTLY MEETING ONLINE.** Come meet parents, caregivers, and close adult family members of trans, gender non-conforming, and Two-Spirit children, youth, and young adults. This group uses a peer-support model and is facilitated by a trans person and/or a parent of a trans young adult (on a rotating basis).


Gender Spectacular Families Drop-In


What to expect: Fun for families* of Two-Spirit, trans, and gender creative kids in Gr. 8 or younger. After about 30 minutes of free-play, we hold a community gathering and move into facilitated games and activities. We always have food and bus tickets available. Parent support and resources accessible onsite too. 

*We consider families to be self-determined. Bring grandparents, siblings, aunties, cousins, chosen family. If someone is important to you and wants to help celebrate your gender spectacular family, we would love to meet them. 


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